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"In my best Cardi B voice, I'm just a regular smegular girl from

Houston, TX. I've experienced a lot of life in a short amount of time, and through the ups and downs, one feeling remained - I'm blessed.  From this Mompreneur to you, I hope you enjoy this lifestyle blog."

The pumpkin and I have made it back safe

V.Russ | The Mom

The adventures and stresses of being a single, working mom to a daughter who became my WHY.

V.Russ | The Entrepreneur

Balancing a 8-5 job, a 24/7/365 mom job, and on top of those things - owning multiple businesses

Talk to me nice 😊🧡 #kaylasfinalfiesta2

V.Russ | Enjoying Life

Whether exciting or challenging, new things continue to happen in my life- providing new lessons to share

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